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Different Place, Same Old Face

Same Old Face

Back in 2011 I started a little blog in my own little corner of the internet with the goal to document my travels, share my stories and encourage others to better themselves through travel.

Over the course of the past 6+ years, a lot has (obviously) changed. The blog became a bit more time to manage than I was ready for, and quite frankly, the work to change Wordpress themes to accomplish what I wanted to was, again, more than I was ready for.

I still really enjoy photography and still take a ton of photos, and that is really what this blog is going to showcase. I have also started my own woodworking business, which you can find out about over at, so as usual, I am still juggling a lot.

If you were with me back in the Travel Blog days, welcome to the new layout. If you are new here, welcome just the same. I hope you enjoy my story and my photos.

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